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The Book of Stolen Dreams

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Dhs. 76.00
An exhilarating, wondrous middle grade debut about a brother and sister on a quest to defeat a tyrannical ruler and protect a magical book, perfect for fans of Philip Pullman and Katherine Rundell.

Rachel and Robert live a gray, dreary life under the rule of cruel and calculating Charles Malstain. That is, until one night, when their librarian father enlists their help to steal a forbidden book.

Before their father is captured, Rachel and Robert are given one mission: find the missing final page.

But to uncover the secrets of The Book of Stolen Dreams, the siblings must face darkness and combat many evils to be rewarded with the astonishing, magical truth about the book. Nevertheless, they resolve to do everything in their power to stop it from falling into Charles Malstain's hands. For if it does, he could rule their world forever.