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Our Story


Story begins with a remarkable little girl named AlDhabi AlMheiri, whose deep love for reading ignited a spark within her parents. Even at the tender age of three, AlDhabi's passion for books was undeniable, and her parents were determined to make her dreams a reality. Today, she stands as the youngest Emirati Entrepreneur alongside her parents, as they proudly introduce Rainbow Chimney Educational Aids to the world.

Inspired by AlDhabi's fascination with rainbows and the timeless song "Chim Chimney" from Mary Poppins, the name Rainbow Chimney was born. Before the establishment of this brand, the young AlDhabi used to enjoy gifting her friends and cousins toys accompanied by books, simply because she wanted to share her love for reading with them.

With the inception of Rainbow Chimney, she now has the opportunity to inspire children worldwide, including those who have Down syndrome, autism, or are visually impaired (people of determination), to become part of the joy of reading and to see the world through different perspectives. Rainbow Chimney stands as the first bookshop in the Middle East that offers inclusive boxes and books for people of determination.

By the age of six, AlDhabi had already devoured more than 1200 books. To say that reading is her passion would be an understatement; it is her very essence. It is evident that AlDhabi has blossomed into a remarkable young girl, brimming with talent and a thirst for knowledge. Her independent nature shines through as she enjoys preparing her breakfast and completing her homework all on her own. Alongside her academic pursuits, she also engages in online coding courses. Amidst all her growth and new discoveries, one constant remains her unwavering love for reading.

AlDhabi's unwavering dedication to reading is so inspiring that even her educators at AlDar Academy encourage her to continue living her life just as she does now. The possibilities for her future are limitless; she could become a scientist, doctor, astronaut, or teacher—whatever her heart desires. 

While AlDhabi's parents initially embarked on this venture with the intention of providing parents with convenient access to growing their children's book collections, Rainbow Chimney has become a lasting legacy—a testament to their forever little girl and her passion for reading.