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Rainbow Chimney Educational Aids was founded in 2020 by AlDhabi AlMheiri as an online bookshop, retail store, and publishing house. We specialize in children's books and toys for ages ranging from infants to 13 years old, including children with special needs such as Autism and visual impairments.


Products and Services

Our range of products includes various types of books catered to different needs and preferences, such as chewable books, sensory books, interactive books, sound books, cloth books, recycled books, and augmented reality books. We also offer the Rainbow Chimney Box, a customizable package that takes into account factors like gender, age, interests, and specific needs of the child.

In addition to books, we provide educational aids and toys such as Me Reader devices, cards, puzzles, plushies, pop-ups, figures, wall charts, experiments, and small projects. Our stationery collection is nontoxic and suitable for different age groups. Moreover, we offer a curated selection of children's books from over 21 esteemed publishing houses worldwide, including Harper Collins, Penguin Random House, Pi Kids, Scholastic, Macmillan, Oxford, Cottage Door Press, Phidal, and Igloo Books.


Sales Channels

Rainbow Chimney operates through multiple sales channels to ensure easy access for customers. These channels include the Amazon platform, social media platforms, the Mazaya App, our own website, Noon, Talabat App, as well as participation in book fairs and seasonal pop-up events.


Our Mission

At Rainbow Chimney, we strive to provide children with an extraordinary experience when buying books. We not only serve as a bookshop but also aim to educate parents and caregivers on different ways of utilizing books and selecting age-appropriate educational aids for their children. For those who are unsure about what to buy or need guidance in choosing the best options for their children, we offer the Rainbow Chimney Box. This service provides a hassle-free experience for parents and caregivers, tailoring books and educational toys based on the child's age, gender, preferred language, and any specific difficulties they may have. We understand the importance of fitting the child's needs within the parent's budget.

Furthermore, Rainbow Chimney is not just a bookshop that promotes reading engagement for children; we also encourage them to become the next generation of writers and authors in the children's book field. Through our initiative called "Books from Children to Children," we provide aspiring young authors with the opportunity to have their own books published, helping their dreams of becoming an author come true.