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Read with Tamer (set of 10 Books)

Dhs. 120.00


The Read with Tamer series introduces our young students, starting with simplified reading based on short sentences, repeated phrases, easy vocabulary and dialogues. It also includes the basic axes according to the foundations of the beginnings of basic education, as these ten stories are suitable for the four stages of basic education, i.e. from kindergarten to the first grade of primary school. Among the axes we mention participation, difference, school, home, seasons, numbers, growth, insects, family, The stories of the series have been reinforced with questions aimed at adding an element of interaction with texts, in particular I read in this series:

1.First day at school

2.Steps from these?

3.Tamer participates accident

5.How beautiful is my home

6.Tamer's dream

7.The difference is useful

8.Tamer and the Seasons game

9.I am no longer a child

10.Tamer and the little worm