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I Feel Scared

Dhs. 38.00

About I Feel Scared

Little one, what scares you?

Follow the story of the scared little ghost who tries to understand its fears and find ways to make them go away. The vibrant picture book teaches children what fear is, how it feels, and how to manage this unpleasant emotion.

First Emotions: I Feel Scared is an interactive board book for 3-5-year-olds that guides young children to understanding big emotions through storytelling. Inside you'll find:

- Clear questions directed at young readers that create an interactive learning experience
- Illustrations and bright colours that engage young children
- A simple and easy-to-understand approach to explaining emotions

Feeling scared isn't nice at all. But, it has a specific function - it keeps us safe. With the help of this colourful storybook, children will learn that we all feel afraid sometimes. The book also shows youngsters that even when they are safe, they might still feel scared and how they can be brave instead.

The story and illustrations are especially helpful to children who are often scared, anxious, apprehensive or overwhelmed. The book helps children learn emotional intelligence and encourages them to face new situations at an early age.

DK has published a range of emotions books for toddlers and young children that help parents, carers, and preschool teachers support social and emotional skills. Other books in the series include I Feel Sad, I Feel Proud, I Feel Angry, How Am I Feeling?