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Best Friends Forever Journal: The Top Secret Book About Us

Dhs. 65.00

Best Friends Forever is the perfect place for friends to record their secret wishes, goals and revelations. Guided pages lead squad members to share their thoughts and ideas in a fun, positive manner. There are quizzes, games and activities galore. The book’s padlock has four keys – one for each friend. The stacking pen has four colours: friends choose a colour each and use it to record their personal answers in the book. A FUN TOP-SECRET JOURNAL FOR FRIENDS TO SHARE!INCLUDES A PADLOCK WITH FOUR KEYS AND A PEN.

  • A fun, stylish new book where friends can share their wishes and secrets!
  • Includes lots of fun quizzes, games and activities to do together.
  • The padlock has four keys, one for each friend.
  • Each friend uses one colour from the stacking pen to record their ideas.
  • Guided journaling ensures friends focus on positive, confidence-building concepts that celebrate their differences.