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A Little Hedgehog

Dhs. 35.00
A Little Hedgehog follows a day in the life of...a hedgehog! Little ones will learn all about the baby hedgehog called a hoglet. What do they do when they are born? How and what do they eat? How do their prickly quills protect them? They may stay small but they can hut for food in the grass and shrubberies and make grunting sounds like a pig. When the sun rises the little hedgehogs follow their mother back to the nest and head off to sleep to wait for the night sky. Mixing sweet illustrations with interesting facts for grown-ups and toddlers alike makes this a great early learning book. Come explore today!

- Follow a day in the life of a little hedgehog!
- Shaped board book with thick pages perfectly sized for little hands and fingers to turn the pages and read along.
- Nostalgic, retro artwork and beautiful pages
- A perfect little gift to complete any birthday gift, Easter basket or holiday present
- Collect all the fun shaped board books in this series from Cottage Door Press and strengthen a love for books & reading at the earliest ages