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Will I Fly Written by: Muhammad Al-Ohali

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Our friend the rooster was very impressed with the eagle with large wings, and his style of flight, and he wanted to be famous like him, so he decided to imitate him by flying, will the rooster succeed?



Who can fly? If I put on feathers, would I be able to fly as high as a bird? Story Will I fly? Our story talks about our friend the rooster who continues to search for a solution to his problem and with his persistence, constant attempts and patience until he achieves his goal, but how? It is a very beautiful story, interesting in narration, and most importantly, a story with deep meaning. The story contains many values ​​and skills that are important for the child to acquire, including accepting the differences of others and that each of us has his own way that distinguishes him from others, and when we want to take someone’s advice, we turn to a wise person. The story also has a stimulating aspect to thinking, solving problems, finding unfamiliar solutions, and not giving up.