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The weather for today, grandfather

by Ashjar
Dhs. 55.00

In a warm family atmosphere, this story introduces us to the child Sami who loves to spend time with his mother, and to talk every day with his grandfather and grandmother on the phone. But the thing Sami loves the most is when his grandfather asks him about the weather; Sami rushes to his mother to see what kind of shoes she will be wearing, and presents his grandfather with an accurate detailed weather forecast. What does his mother's shoes have to do with the weather?

This story provides us with a beautiful example of the merciful relationship of grandparents with their grandchildren, which in many cases exceeds the feelings of love and support they once gave to the children. He encourages him to constantly ask him about his forecast for the weather, assuring him that he does not leave the house until after consulting him.

The story also reviews one of the most important thinking skills of children, and the ability of their active minds to link things and events, and to create a complex and complex memory, based on the activation of different senses and emotions, that helps them organize thoughts, analysis and conclusion. We see Sami spontaneously linking his mother, the type of her shoes, his memories of the occasions for which they were worn, the atmosphere of the time, and finally anticipating the possible weather, motivated by the love he has for his grandfather and grandmother.

A nice, beautiful story, rich in fun and interest, based on the rhythm between words, which develops the child's sense of language, brings it closer to him, becomes familiar with it and loves it.