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The good egg

by Ashjar
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"I'll try not to worry too much, I'll be good to my fellow whites, and at the same time I'll be good to myself...the other eggs aren't perfect, and I don't have to be perfect either."
Get to know in this story the good egg, it is a very good egg, really good, unlike all the eggs you live with in the big egg tray, which behaves very badly, so the good egg gets tired, and suffers from psychological pressure because of its relentless attempts to remain perfect and change the behavior of eggs that surrounds it. But when cracks appear on her shell, she makes a fateful decision, which is a reason to save her shell and fully recover.

After their first masterpiece, "The Bad Seed," distinguished duo Gorey John and Pete Oswald team up once again to bring us this witty and funny story that reminds us of the importance of balance, moderation, self-care, and acceptance of those we love, even if they sometimes act like rotten eggs.

This story will make everyone laugh, young and old, in group or individual readings, and each of us will find something of himself and his suffering in it. This wondrous story is perfect for everyone.