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Alphabet Fish Catching Toy

Dhs. 130.00

Bring your kids with the fishing fun!
Capture the surprising face of kids when they received this funny fishing toy combo and go fishing! One of the greatest memories of our life with our beloved one.

How to Play?
1. Use cat doll magnet to search and pull fishes under iced lake.
2. Place all wooden fish on the fishing pond or the ground. Teach your kid to catch a fish by dangling the fishing pole near the fish to catch it and take the fish off the line.

Enjoy The Fun Fishing Game Party
Magnetic fishing game is a montessori teaching toy designed for multiplayer games to enhance the close interaction and communication between children and parents.
Play wooden fishing games to help you develop your child's hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills and learn about marine life, letters and colors.

Wooden Play Board x 1 (Ice lake + ocean scenes)
Alphabet Fish x 26 (All letters included)
Fishes Storage bag x 1
Fishing Rod x 2
Cat Doll with Magnet x 1