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I Am, I Can: Affirmations Flash Cards for Kids

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About I Am, I Can: Affirmations Flash Cards for Kids

I am brave. I am resourceful. I can handle anything.

Using the power of positive thinking and self-esteem, these motivational flashcards will empower your child by providing more than 70 inspiring affirmations. Perfect for teaching your little one how to overcome self-doubt and negative thoughts!

These wonderful educational flashcards for kids include:

- 365 affirmations for kids
- Beautiful illustrations to bring the daily doses of wisdom to life and encourage visualisation
- Creative activities to encourage social and emotional development
- Inspirational stories about affirmations tied to key historical events

Let your child explore different mindful activities that encourage them to try practical techniques to explore affirmations further. These exercises include creating a "happiness jar" encouraging little ones to come up with their own affirmations, or building a "coping wheel" that helps kids manage anxiety and stressful situations.

Ideal for children aged 7 to 9, these memorable flashcards tie affirmations to key historical events to provide motivation and encouragement. Learn about the Apollo 13 mission and discover how to stay calm under pressure. Get inspired by Rosa Parks' refusal to give up her seat on the bus, which links to the affirmation "I stand up for myself and others."

Yes, I Can!

This empowering set of affirmation flashcards not only educates but inspires too. It includes a parent guide to help grown-ups ask engaging questions that prompt children to consider new ideas and reflect on concepts like forgiveness, gratitude, and self-awareness. The perfect gift for children to build confidence, gratitude, mindfulness, and self-esteem.