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Great Science Projects: Tried and Tested Experiments for All Budding Scientists STEAM

by DK
Dhs. 80.00
Explore Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths with this jam-packed collection of fun-filled experiments you can do at home.

Get immersed in exciting STEM activities that will inspire every budding home scientist, technology fan, young engineer, and mathematician!

Witness your very own erupting volcano blow sky high. Build a sturdy sandcastle and reveal the incredible technology of construction materials. Design a wind-up car and discover your inner engineer, and test your knowledge of maths by making a marble run. 
Great Science Projects features an enormous collection of incredible, tried-and-tested STEM experiments.

With over 50 exciting experiments, children aged 9+ will love getting involved in activities like making a wormery, constructing a spaghetti tower, mixing gels to make air fresheners, creating mathematically precise shadow puppets, and freezing icy orbs.

This exciting book of experiments for children includes:

- 50 fun-packed, educational experiments to get kids inspired by the STEM fields: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths.
- A huge variety of activities using easily sourced materials, and ranging from quick and easy to more challenging, to suit different ages, interests and attention spans.
- Big, beautiful introductory shots for each experiment will engage and excite young readers.
- Easy-to-understand step-by-step instructions throughout, accompanied by clear, helpful photography.

Great Science Projects is a fantastic way for teachers and parents to help inspire and develop their kids' interest in STEM subjects. Featuring beautiful photography and engaging illustrations accompanied by "How it works" and "Real world" explanations, young readers can begin to understand the principles of STEM behind each and every step of an experiment.