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DKfindout! KS2 Science Pack 5 Books Set

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About DKfindout! KS2 Science Pack

Ignite curiosity in your children or students with this collection of books covering Key Stage 2 science topics!

Gain access to the most engaging online and offline science content with DKfindout! This science education pack is a discounted bundle for teachers and parents that includes 5 key stage 2 science books from the DKfindout! series - Animals, Earth, Energy, Human Body, and Science - and access to extended supporting resources online meaning that you can be prepared for teaching in the classroom as well as remote learning.

Perfect for use by teachers or parents supporting children ages 7-12, the DKfindout! KS2 Science Pack provides:

- Print and digital materials and activities for hybrid learning
- Engaging, high-quality content aligned to the national curriculum
- Flexible teaching resources, lesson sequences, and planning
- A range of engaging core science topics for students to explore in-depth

See science learning come to life through dynamic and interactive DK online content that includes videos, quizzes and interactive diagrams. Supporting STEM-based learning in an easy-to-follow, digestible format, this fact-filled science pack can be revisited throughout the school term and is perfect for children in school years 3, 4, 5, and 6. Filled with fun facts for kids, stunning photography and lively illustrations, the DKfindout! KS2 Science Pack will satisfy any child who is eager to learn and keep them coming back for more!

Making key stage 2 science fun for teachers and students!

This science education bundle makes things easy for teachers, too. With instructions on how to obtain access to six free learning pathways - each outlining between eight and twelve lessons written by an experienced educator - and at-home support materials for guardians with additional activities and science experiments, this pack serves as an affordable, one-stop resource for several weeks of teaching. And the free-to-use, child-safe encyclopedic online resources allow both you and your students to take learning even further.

While at home, the five books are designed to expand children's knowledge as far as their curiosity will take them. It's perfect for parents who want to have easy-to-use Key Stage 2 science learning resources to support primary school education.

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