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Fatima AlAryani Books from children to children

Author Fatima Al Aryani الكاتبة فاطمة العرياني

Fatima AlAryani Books from children to children

Fatima Al Aryani, 9 years old, a Young Author published her first book "The Value of Friends" on 2023, She loves writing and reading funny stories. Her dream is to become a teacher. 


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Fatima Alkuwaiti - June 1, 2023

Good job Fatima❤️ I’m proud of you 👏🏼 keep going

أم سيف - May 31, 2023

حبيبتي الجميلة فاطمة الف الف مبروك ومنها للاعلى يا رب 💕

Shaikha - May 31, 2023

Nice story Fatima
Good luck 💜

ام حمدان - May 31, 2023

فاطمة الجميلة مبروك انجازك الاول ❤️
قصتكِ رائعة يا كاتبتنا الجميلة 🌹

استمري بكتاباتك وننتظر انجازاتك المميزة 👏🏻👏🏻

فخورة فيج 🌹

Sara - May 30, 2023

Good luck Fatima
Looking for you future books

Meera - May 30, 2023

Sooo proud of you Fatima 👏👏👏👏👏

موزه - May 30, 2023

ما شاء الله عليج يا فاطمه
عقبال ١٠٠ كتاب
بالتوفيق ان شاء الله

Aysha AlDhaheri - May 30, 2023

Well done Fatima
This is a very interesting story and the kids enjoyed reading it.
Start preparing for the next one.

Mahra - May 30, 2023

You are the best fatami

Hamda - May 30, 2023

Im excited to read your book

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